Dont Skip The Foundation!

Imagine you are building a house… 

You want the most luxurious house with an open floor plan, the most functional appliances, plush carpet, warm wall color, comfy furniture and, well… a feeling of home so wonderful you never want to leave it. 

You know this house will be the center of so many great memories and experiences. Your legacy will root from what happens in this house. It will be your story. 

Then you start to actually build the house. The foundation contractor comes to you and says “The land is a bit sandy. We will need to bring in material to build it up before we pour. It will delay the start.” Your reaction is “We are on a deadline. Just pour!” So they pour. Then when getting ready to frame, the framers point out flaws in the wood they have, you instruct them to use it anyway. The roof goes on with no issue. The walls go up and you decide to texture just in case there are imperfections. The warm paint colors go on, the appliances go in, the lighting is perfect. You’ve met the deadline and are ready to move in. 

Then, a year in, the walls start to crack, nails start to pop, fixes are required and costs go way up. You’ve created a money pit!


Because you skimped on the foundation! 

That dream home is your business and the experience you want your client to have. The foundation is your people! Don’t make “warm body hires”! Hire the right people and make sure they have the desire and ability to do the job the business needs. From there, build them up – always. Encourage, teach, and grow the right people so your dreams can come true!

For help with your people, the greatest resource at work, go to to start the journey.

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