Increase Employee Delight

We are seeing talent challenges in every area of business today. Every business owner, manager, and leader is frustrated and bewildered by the fact that people are voluntarily leaving jobs with little or no notice. Those people are not only leaving the job, they are leaving the job market. Leaving a large number of vacant jobs. Those vacant jobs are impacting the supply chain, customer satisfaction, and overall goal achievement for the year.

Over the summer, I read an article from a restaurant that I frequented as a kid. The owner was beyond angry with the way her staff was being treated by patrons. People, who are living with a high level of stress, were taking out frustrations on the staff. They were frustrated that service was slow. They dont realize, the reaction to the stress that they were having was actually causing the lack of people to service them adequately. The best part of this article was the reaction of the Business Owner. She saw the pain in her team and decided to close the dining room on a Sunday (a big revenue day) and she took her whole team out for fun. The prioritization of the team member and their mental and physical health took precedent.

While every scenario wont be solved by a lunch or fun afternoon out, there are a few things you can do to help increase your team members satisfaction. Small things, can make a big difference!

15 Ways to Grow “Employee Delight” without spending a fortune:

1. Ask for input. They are on the front line and want a voice. Give them one.

2. Reward and recognize good work, good effort and good citizenship.

3. Share! Share the vision, share your thoughts, share your pains.

4. Be purposeful in everything. Let your teams know why we are doing what we are doing… even if it is a meeting!

5. Reward tough work with fulfilling work.

6. When you see signs of burnout, redirect them to something fulfilling.

7. Act as ONE team, not segments.

8. Break down all silos and barriers.  

9. Build Trust! And keep it!

10. Redirect Mistakes! Innovations lives in mistakes.

11. Celebrate every win! Large or small!

12. Meet Together! Share the vision and the plan together – you’ll get on the same page!

13. Stay on the same page

14. Understand your team and what motivates and fulfills them!

15. Stop doing their job for them. Teach them!

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